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Phone Number: +1 (289) 927 - 0511

We are happy to hear from you and would like to help you create a recruiting video that fits your needs.

Product Description

- A Stand Out Sports Recruiting Video provides you with a tool for recruiting, footage for analysis and memories of your playing days.

- As a limited licensee of HockeyTV, we have access to previously recorded games to include in your recruiting video.

- We go through the raw game footage with a fine toothed comb and edit together your best plays, focusing the frame on you.

- We make a full version (3 to 7 minutes) and a 1 minute trailer version of your video that includes your name, picture and information.

- Our delivery time is 10-15 business days to completion. We send a preview for your review and make a round of changes, if necessary.

- We can work with alternative footage that you are able to share with us.

- Rush editing available.

Stand Out Sports

Player Tracking Services

Player Tracking Services

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We place a tracking icon, for either the first second of each clip or the duration of the video, for instant player identification.

Track Lite shows an icon over your head for the first second of every clip and camera change. 

Full track shows an icon over your head for the entire duration of the video. Very helpful when HockeyTV footage is blurry or low quality.

Additional Information

Additional Clips

The number of clips that you send for inclusion in the initial preview will count as the final amount of clips in the invoice.

If you would like us to delete a clip after you preview the video we will fulfill your request, however, the deleted clip will still count toward the final balance of the invoice.

Care Instructions

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