Western Canada Hockey Exposure Camp


Stand Out Sports is here to provide recruiting video services to players in the Western Canada Hockey Exposure Camp.

We create Multi-Angle Recruiting Videos for players to use in communication with coaches and scouts.

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We are also Live Streaming every game on our YouTube Channel.


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Our Recruiting Videos incorporate angles that are not included in the Live Stream. We also manually frame each clip to focus on the player and the relevant action on the ice, which better illustrates the play.


As well as the center ice camera angle used on the stream, we will have a second roving camera at ice level focusing on individual clients, as well as a third GoPro camera behind the net for our goalie clients.

Book Early so we know to focus on you at Ice Level

All of our recruiting videos are between 4-9 minutes and include a 1 minute version.

The following enhancements can be added to your video.

Clients Signed to WHL Teams