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Soccer - Clips Only - Editing Only - Recruiting Video Order Form

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Soccer Recruiting Video Package - By Clip

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- Person: Adam O
- Email:
- Phone: +1 - 289 - 927 - 0511

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- A Stand Out Sports recruiting video package is our core product and is the ultimate sports video that provides you with a recruiting tool, footage for analysis and memories of your playing days.

- For an editing by clips package, you select the clips you want from the games you feel best represent your play, we assemble into a video and add our editing techniques to put the focus on you and put your talent/role on display.

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- An editing by clips package is priced by finished minute of video at a rate of $85/Minute. For example, if you have a 4 minute video is $340 and would contain around 15-25 unique clips.

- We create two versions of your video, provide a round of changes and ensure that it's exactly how you want it.

- We also add our lower third that contains a photo, key stats and player information.


Add Tracking either by Track Lite ($100) or Full Track (Starting at $150)

Tracking identifies the player on screen. Track Lite identifies the player for the first second,
while Full Track identifies the player for the duration of the video

All Touches and SOS Reports are not available with Editing by Clip Packages.

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- Contact us at the info above to receive your clip selection form and we'll work with you to acquire the footage and produce your video.

- Nothing is due with this product upon checkout.

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More Examples on our Youtube Channel at the link below:

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