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Hockey - Full Games - Editing Only - Recruiting Video Order Form

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Full Games - Editing Package

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- Person: Adam O
- Email:
- Phone: +1 - 289 - 927 - 0511

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- A Stand Out Sports recruiting video package is our core product and is the ultimate sports video that provides you with a recruiting tool, footage for analysis and memories of your playing days.

- As a limited licensee of HockeyTV, we have access to previously recorded games to breakdown for your player and turn the footage into a tool for recruiting, analysis and memories.


- You can get a Recruiting Video, Full Shifts or both.

- A Recruiting Video contains only positive instances of play, with player framing and two versions of the final video.

- Full Shifts contain the positive and negative instances of play. We don't frame into the play and you get 1 video per period of all shifts on the ice. Full Shifts as an upgrade are $40/Game.

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Optional Upgrades

Add Tracking either by Track Lite ($100) or Full Track ($150)

Tracking identifies the player on screen. Track Lite identifies the player for the first second,
while Full Track identifies the player for the duration of the video. Not available for All Shift Videos.

Add an SOS Report for ($250)

Includes written report and 6 additional videos from the footage. Based on NHL Central Scouting Checklist.

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Group Discount - Everyone gets 15% off if you book with friends/teammates from the same game. Groups of 4+ get 25% their package on final invoice.

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Sign Up

- To sign up, please fill out the form on the right.

- Enter the date of the game and the opponent in the text field.

- We will contact you by email or phone and to confirm the games and start the project.

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