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Stand Out Sports Hockey Recruiting Video vs Instat Scout Hockey

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Over the last couple of months an interesting platform has caught the attention of Stand Out Sports and has been making waves in the areas in which we operate. Unfortunately, theres quite bit of confusion around what Stand Out Sports does and what InStat provides given the fact that they both work with video and hockey.

The purpose of this article is to provide some clarity on the key differences between a Stand Out Sports Recruiting Video and InStat services with the intention of educating. Both serve a purpose and both are valuable in their own rights.


In short, it depends on what you’re after. If you want a video you can keep forever that’s made by people who care about your video and experience, go with a Stand Out Sports Recruiting Video. If you’re looking for an in depth video of your performance on a game to game basis, go with InStat.

The bottom line is Stand Out Sports Recruiting Videos are made for recruiting, analysis and memories for individuals. InStat is about team performance and complex statistical analysis of plays for players.

What is a Stand Out Sports Recruiting Video?

A Stand Out Sports Recruiting Video is a customizable video for an individual player from footage obtained by us at events, through HockeyTV or team footage. Our editing team clips all of your footage, assembles your video that represents your role in 4 - 8 minutes and provides you with two versions of your video; a long and short version.

Additionally, clients have the option to add a tracking icon that instantly identifies the player in the video, their full shifts or an SOS Report that inputs your video into each category of the NHL Central Scouting Checklist. Here's an example of a Stand Out Sports Video.

What is "InStat Scout" Hockey?

According to their website, InState Scout Hockey is an:

effective analysis tool for hockey players and coaching staff. Advanced statistics help to assess players’ actions in offensive, defensive and neutral zone. Every number is linked to a video which helps to elicit mistakes made in a particular episode. InStat Scout Hockey allows analyzing an opponent’s performance in addition to that of your own team.”

In short, the platform essentially links video to stats on their platform and provides players with the option to code their contributions of a game and link them to videos. Their website also says that it can analyze an opponent's performance and code the whole match with stats and viewable “episodes”.

Here's a short video that provides some insight into their scouting platform.

What are the differences?

There are four main differences between a Stand Out Sports Recruiting Video and InStat products and services:

Owning Your Video

You keep your video with Stand Out Sports and it’s saved by Stand Out Sports in case you ever lose it. It isn’t known if you can keep your video with InStat, in the event that it were to shut down. It’s also not known how long they keep their games on file for.

Press Play

To enjoy your video with Stand Out Sports, all you have to do is press play. We provide you with the file and as soon as you're ready it's easy to view by simply pressing play. Instead of going into a game in the platform and clicking an event to see the clip, all of your clips are already evaluated, analyzed and your contribution to the game was framed into to provide the most context.


You can customize your video from Stand Out Sports and make it the best cover letter to your playing resume. InStat doesn’t allow you to output a customized video that showcases your role and provides you with a simple way to access great memories of your playing days.


You can send your Stand Out Sports video to anyone with an email address. In addition to owning your video on your device, your video can be emailed to anyone with a link, either by Google Drive or Youtube. This means that the person on the other end, only needs to know how to click play, as opposed to having to navigate a software to form their opinion on your play.

Which one is for me?

It really depends on what you’re after. If you want a simple custom video, made in Canada, that features your best highlights for you to send coaches and scouts, for your own analysis and have awesome memories, go with Stand Out Sports.

If you want to show grandma and grandpa your video from the year, it’s probably easier to just show them some great clips on your phone as opposed to having them log into InStat and clicking around.

If you want to click around 98 unique parameters for players or 78 for teams and create your own unique reports of your performance, go with InStat.


If you want your own Hockey Recruiting Video from Stand Out Sports, contact us and we will work with you to put it together:

We also have an FAQ page that can hopefully answer any questions:

Alternatively, you can send us an email at

You can also order your video directly from our online store at:

Played on HockeyTV and want your own video? Here's a short explainer of how we can create your video from HockeyTV:

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