Frequently Asked Questions

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Our FAQ is broken down into the following sections:


What products do you offer Hockey and Soccer players?

We offer Recruiting Videos and SOS Reports, as well as Full Shift videos for Hockey and All Touches videos for Soccer.

What's a Recruiting Video?

A Recruiting Video is a video from multiple games of film that combines all of your best plays and shows your role on your team. They usually range between 4-7 minutes and contain 2-5 games. You're also provided with a long and short version of your video.

What are Full Shift Videos?

Full Shift Videos are a period by period breakdown of all of your shifts. They can be a stand alone product or part of a recruiting video package. You cannot get Full Shifts if you select "Editing By Clip.

What are All Touches Videos?

All Touches Videos are a chronological breakdown of all of your touches, tackles, as well as relevant offensive and defensive movement. They can be a stand alone product or part of a recruiting video package. You cannot get All Touches if you select "Editing By Clip.

What is player framing?

Player framing is our term for our process of zooming into the player in the clip and providing more context within the frame.

What is the Tracking Icon?

The Tracking Icon provides instant identification in your video. You can get Track-Lite for the first second of every clip or Full Track for the full video.

What's an SOS Report?

An SOS Report is a detailed breakdown of your performance that includes 6 Additional Videos and a Written Report. An SOS Report can only be made from Events or Full Games.


Filming / Footage


What types of game footage do you use?


We film at selected events, use footage from streaming platforms like HockeyTV, footage your team films or footage you yourself film.


What's the difference between an Event Footage and streamed footage?


At events, we film with two operators and have multiple angles for the best possible coverage. With videos from streaming partners, we have no control over the placement and operation of the camera, which is usually a single camera placed at the center.

How do I get your footage for my recruiting video?


Please use Google Drive or Drop Box. We can work with you to obtain the footage.


Ordering Online


How do I order a video for myself or my player?


You can order directly in our online store or by contacting us.


Delivery / Payment


How do I confirm my video?


In order to confirm your video, we will send an invoice for a 30% deposit. Upon completion of your project, we will send the invoice for the remaining 70% balance.


How is my video delivered?


Upon completion, we will send you a link to download your video to your device.