Canadian Sports School Hockey League

Stand Out Sports provides players in the Canadian Sports School Hockey League premier highlight reels / recruiting video services from games recorded by our camera crew or streamed on HockeyTV.

We've worked with the CSSHL since 2017 and have helped hundreds of players acquire professional recruiting videos for recruiting, analysis and memories.

Recruiting Video package is made from games either filmed by us or downloaded with our license from HockeyTV. 


 The cost of a video is dependent on the amount of games and editing style. A typical project consists of 3-4 games and is between $250-$500.

We film with our crews at Events with multiple camera angles to get the best possible footage. We're in Ontario and BC and travel to Alberta.

For Hockey TV, we download the game, clip your footage, and frame into your play with our player framing techniques to focus on you.

We edit videos from a Full Game or with Individual Clips you provide to save you either time or money.

Add Full Track or Track Lite that tracks your play and instantly identifies you in your video. 

You can also get your Full Shifts, chronologically organized as an addition to your video or stand alone product.


Finally a Stand Out Sports Video Report can provide you with insights into your game. We provide 6 additional videos that provide insight and ratings. 

Videos are delivered in 10-15 Business Days.


Contact Adam by phone or email:

Phone: 289-927-0511


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