Bauer U15 AAA Ice Breaker

Bauer U15 Sept 24-26.png

A Stand Out Sports recruiting video is our core product and is the ultimate sports video that provides you with a recruiting tool, footage for analysis and memories of your playing days.

We record two of your games with two angles, and a third for goalies.

Add Full Track or Track Lite that tracks your play and instantly identifies you in your video. 

You can also get your Full Shifts, chronologically organized as an addition to your video or stand alone product.


Finally a Stand Out Sports Video Report can provide you with insights into your game.

All of our recruiting videos are between 3-8 minutes

and include a 1 minute version

and are delivered in 10 Business Days.

Bauer Recruiting Sept 24-26.png
Bauer Recruiting Sept 24-26.png
Bauer Team Package Sept 24-26.png
Bauer Team Package Sept 24-26.png

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